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"Song From A Cotton Field"
[[Fichier:SongFromCottonField.ogg{{Son| title= "Song From A Cotton Field" | description= This 1920s classic jazz song by [[Bessie Brown]] has a clear [[blues]] influence|SongFromCottonField.| format= [[Ogg]] ]]ogg}}
"Take The 'A' Train"
[[Fichier:{{Son|DukeEllington_TakeTheATrain.ogg| title= "Take The 'A' Train" | description= This 1941 sample of [[Duke Ellington]]'s signature tune is an example of the [[swing (genre)|swing]] style.| format= [[Ogg]] ]]}}
"Yardbird Suite" (Charlie Parker)
[[Fichier:CharlieParker_YardbirdSuite.ogg| title= "Yardbird Suite"| description = Excerpt from a [[saxophone]] solo by [[Charlie Parker]]. The fast, complex rhythms and [[substitute chord]]s of [[bebop]] exhibited were of pivotal importance to the formation of Jazz music. | format = [[Ogg]] ]]
"Mr. P.C." (John Coltrane)
[[Fichier:JohnColtrane_MrPC.ogg| title= "Mr. P.C."| description = This hard blues by [[John Coltrane]] is an example of [[hard bop]], a post-bebop style which is informed by [[gospel music]], [[blues]] and [[work song]]s.| format = [[Ogg]] ]]
"Birds of Fire" ( Mahavishnu Orkeste)
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