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:bojour Holder, is it an official action of médiawiki ? why this user is using a floating IP ? who is he really ? may be it is better to wait the answer of the user who load the files before a speedy deletion ? cordialement, [[Utilisateur:Geoleplubo|Geoleplubo]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Geoleplubo|discussion]]) 18 ed Join 2016 à 10:42 (UTC)
::Geoleplubo, [[:wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy]] is an official policy by the Wikimedia Foundation, enacted March 23, 2007. This pcdwiki contains several files that violate this policy. These have to be deleted. The resolution explicitly states "As of March 23, 2007, any newly uploaded files under an unacceptable license shall be deleted.". All current local files have been uploaded after 2010-06-29. What don't you understand? There is no such thing as an "official action of médiawiki", since MediaWiki is just a software. [[Spécial:Contributions/|]] 18 ed Join 2016 à 10:58 (UTC)
As an admin, it is your responsibility to enforce the [[:wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy]]. [[Spécial:Contributions/|]] 18 ed Join 2016 à 11:00 (UTC)
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