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Please leave any messages for me here, or feel free to email me. Russavia (discussion) 21 ed Juillet 2012 à 17:54 (UTC)Répondre[répondre]

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Hi Russavia, I am not sure your articles really encyclopedia-compatbile because it is the reason why he was deleted on main wikipedias (english and german for example). You can nevertheless upload your photos on Common. Regards, Tobovs (discussion) 29 d'Octobe 2012 à 22:11 (UTC)Répondre[répondre]

hi tobovs, thanks for your message. The article on English Wikipedia was deleted due to wikipolitics -- it Saw major involvement from EEML editors -- EEML is an arbitration case on enwp about a nationalist mailing list which was set up to subvert consensus on the project, As o which harassed myself in an attempt to have me banned from the project. EEML editors actively accused me of falsifyingi information in the article, and a lot of other false accusations and lies. Another group of editors is from wikipediocracy.com -- an internet forum belonging to Gregory kohs, who is indefinitely banned from enwp -- the problem these trolls have with me is that as an admin and bureaucrat on commons, I am one of the few admins who will close sexuality-related deletion requests, and always do so based upon policy, much to their chagrin. I have also actively stood up for editors who have been harassed by the wikipediocracy crowd --- so this makes me one their targets. Please read the AFD on enwp in full, and you will see a lot personal attacks on myself --- the worst of which was I could "fuck off with my queer agenda" -- at the same time as this AFD I was holding English Wikipedia arbitration committee to task after one arb came to my talk page and threatened to block me for an inane comment I made to another editor on my talk page--- the same editor who was subjected to what myself and many others saw as homophobic harassment -- harassment which arbcom was aware of, and which they ignored --- so it was quite odd that an arbcom member would threaten to block me for harassing an editor when it was the same editor whom I was vocal in standing up against the homophobic harassmelt levelled againstead them, yet arbcom knowingly did nothing about real harassment. So I made them publicly answer questions they would rather avoid. polandball not being a queersubject, the personal attack had no place -- the editor who made the attack against me had previously been warned against harassing me And has a long history of personal and derogatory attacks on LGBT editors. After I complained about this Attack the editor was blocked for a week, and a matter of hours later was ufnblocked and the admin who unblocked them then rushed to push to block me for six months...all because i created the polandball article.
So please understand the deletion on English Wikipedia had nothing to do with notability, but everything to do with petty battleground behaviour and grudges, as well as outright hatred. Whilst the German Wikipedia article was deleted, the reasoning followed the "English Wikipedia deleted it should we." line.
It should also be noted that the article wad also kept on two other main language wikipedias ... Russian and Chinese Wikipedias -- the Russian AFD was closed by a bureaucrat on that project.
The article also exists on 50 projects so far, with the Polish version to be placed into namespace in the couple of days. Many of the articles have been translated by admins and other sysops on other projects, and whom we're aware of the deletion on enwp and could clearly tell it was a wrong deletion, and I was untreated fairly...not only have I been blocked for 13 months, but I have also been indefinitely topic banned from eastern Europe topics, all because of polandball --- I am one most productive and neutral editors in this area! I refuse to appeal the block or topic ban!
So, you might ask why I am trying to collaborate with editors on other projects to get polandball translated. Since I am now essentially banished from English Wikipedia, and topics I would normally work on on Russian Wikipedia already exist, I am turning to other projects to have what I and many other projects believe is a notable subject. and as in incentive to help with translating I am uploading to commons aviation photos specific to that project. I have access to over 250,000 photos all of which need to be individually uploaded...mostly myself. So my collaboration is simply fast tracking my priority in uploads. It is likely that they would be uploaded eventually, but perhaps in several years. at no stage have I asked anyone to do anything against the goals of the project, but the information I have presented above paints quite a different picture to the wikipolitics-ridden deletion on English Wikipedia.
So I ask that editors please excuse the long reply, but you should know the entire story, especially if you thought I was going to be a disruptive presence on this project. I am here in good faith and will continue to be into the future. :-)
Russavia, first of all, thank your for your long answer and your explanation. I really don't see the link between LGBT and Polandball, and the link between your banishment and the deletion of your article on english Wikipedia. But, those are english Wikipedia problems, and we are not on english wikipedia. The problem is not that your article was deleted by english wikipedia alone. The problem is, it was also deleted on other major wikipedia, such german and dutch wikipedias. I read the deletion thread on those wikipedias ; what I found on german wikipedia (for example) is totally different about you said Whilst the German Wikipedia article was deleted, the reasoning followed the "English Wikipedia deleted it should we." line. ; on the contrary, their conclusion is : Egal, wie gut der Artikel ist, doch solange die Relevanz nicht nachgewiesen ist, hilft auch ein guter Artikel nicht. Es gibt einfach viele Internethypes, die kommen und gehen, und einige davon sind nur in bestimmten Szenen verbreitet. which means something like Whatever an article is good written or not, if the importance can't be proved, it doesn't help the article. There is a lot of internet memes, which come and go, and some of them are common only in some special places.
Don't take it too personnaly. I know you worked seriously to write this article and that you really want to translate it in a lot of language. But it is not because it was accepted by some little wikipedias that this is a relevant subject for an encyclopedia (since little or middle-sized wikipedias don't really have strong criterias of relevance). I think your article Polandball is only on 3 (one of which has an AFD) of the top 10 wikipedias because it is not a relevant subject. Outside a small area (Polish web...), Polandball is mainly unknown, even for geeks. The place of this kind of thing is probably on http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/polandball and perhaps on Polish chapter of wikipedia.
About your aircraft photos, uploading them almost one by one alone will be a great job but a little bit boring ! I suggest you (if you can) to put the photos on a CD/DVD and to send them to the local Chapter of Wikimedia foundation closer to your living. So that other people could help you to upload them. They may have some scripts to upload mass medias too.
Anyway, I hope you understand my point of view. I don't want you to be discouraged in your other contributions, but think about an encyclopedia must have relevance criteria. Also think about the fact that things which seems to be like the main ones can be seen differently by others. If your article is finally very relevant, it will be on all major wikipedias in some years... then, be patient :-) Tobovs (discussion) 2 ed Novimbe 2012 à 13:53 (UTC)Répondre[répondre]